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Incorporating CAMSO, ELMS, SCSA and ASCARs
1.1. Jurisdiction:
The Series organizers reserve the right to alter these rules at ANY time if in their
opinion an unfair or uneconomical
advantage is being gained or the actions of
any driver or team are detrimental to the overall well-being of the formula.
1.2. Officials: Roland J. Vandermeersch; Xavier Vandermeersch
1.2.1. Coordinator:Roland J. Vandermeersch
1.2.2. Drivers Reps:Keith Whalley (GB); Wim Moonen (Nl)
1.2.3. Scrutineer/s: Mark “Bulletman” Vantongerloo, Nicolas Carlier
1.2.4. Race Steward:Roland J. Vandermeersch
1.2.5. Start Marshal / 2nd Steward:Kristof Vandekerckhove
1.3. Registration:
1.3.1. Entrants must be in possession of a valid 2017 Race License in order to race in
the series. Charges are as follows:
Day Licence: 25€
Season Licence: 25€
Booking In: Entry price (20, 25 or 30€) + 20€. The Easter weekend is considered as 2 different race days.
1.4. Scoring:
1.4.1. Competitors points will be awarded as follows:
Position Heat 1 Heat 2 Final
1st 15 15 15
2nd 14 14 14
3rd 13 13 13
4th 12 12 12
5th 11 11 11
6th 10 10 10
7th 9 9 9
8th 8 8 8
9th 7 7 7
10th 6 6 6
11th 5 5 5
12th 4 4 4
13th 3 3 3
14th 2 2 2
15th 1 1 1
To discourage running with a slow or crippled car points will still be awarded as
though the driver had finished the race
Additional points: The additional 5 points for the leader halfway (as it was during the 10 years) are cancelled.
- Each driver which is leading minimum one lap, receives one extra point;
- The driver which is leading the most laps in a race, receives 2 extra points; in case of 2 drivers which are leading the most laps, then both receive 2 extra points.
1.5. Awards:
1.5.1. All awards are to be provided by the circuits
2.1. Entries:
2.1.1. Competitors are responsible for booking in to race prior to the entry closing date
which shall be TUESDAY MORNING BEFORE THE MEETING. Booking in per email to
2.1.2. Any withdrawal of Entry of Driver / Car changes made after acceptance of any
entry must be notified to the CAMSO Race Coordinator.
See regulation 3.1.1
2.2. Briefings:
2.2.1. Organizers will notify Competitors of the times and locations for all briefings
should they be required. All competitors must attend all briefings.
2.2.2. Any driver failing to attend the briefing, unless specifically excused by the
and / or Race Steward may be liable to exclusion from the meeting.
2.3. Races:
2.3.1. The standard minimum scheduled distance whenever practicable shall be 2 x 25
lap Heats and 1 x 35 lap Final. Any race distance can be reduced at the
discretion of the Race Steward/s. Special meetings such as ‘The BIG One’ (77
lap final), CAMSO Cup (60 laps) and the ‘ Budweiser 200’ (50 lap final) will be
run to a different format of which will be made available from the organizer prior
to the event.
2.3.2. All competitors must be ready to take to the track 15 minutes prior to the start
of the race. Competitors arriving after this time may be asked to start from the
back of the grid.
2.3.3. All competitors must be in the correct starting order prior to joining the circuit.
2.3.4. Excessive weaving to warmup
tyres using
more than 50% of the track width,
and falling back in order to accelerate and practice starts are prohibited.
2.4. Pits & Pitlane Safety:
2.4.1. The outer lane or lanes are to be kept unobstructed to allow safe passage of cars
at all times. The onus shall be on all Drivers to take all due care and drive at
minimum speeds in and around the pits and pit lanes.
2.5. Race Finishes:
2.5.1. Do not slow down until the Red flag. After taking the Red Flag, drivers are
required to:
Progressively and safely slow down, remain behind any competitors ahead of
them, return to the Pit Lane Entrance / Paddock Entrance as instructed, comply
with any directions given by marshals or officials and to keep the helmets on and
harnesses done up while on the circuit. The top three finishers of each race will
be required for tech inspection with only those drivers in attendance.
3.1. Cheating:
3.1.1. As an individual involved in car racing, it is your duty to protect the sport. If you
know of, or suspect, cheating or any infringement of the rules likely to bring the
sport into disrepute, report it to the CAMSO Coordinator
3.2. Intoxicants:
3.2.1. Any driver or official who during the course of a meeting, takes or suffers from
the effects of taking any drug or alcoholic liquor, shall be guilty of conduct
prejudicial to the interests of the sport. Camso shall take whatever disciplinary
action it deems necessary.
3.3. Deprivation of Rights & Privileges:
3.3.1. Camso has the power to deny an individual or team their rights and privileges.
3.4. Protests and Appeals:
3.4.1. All protests and appeals should follow the procedure as outlined below. Protests
and appeals which do not follow the correct procedure will be disallowed.
3.4.2. The right to appeal to Camso against any decision, act or omission that may
have been made or committed in connection with car racing, lies only with a
licensed driver under these rules and regulations, not his team, family,
mechanics, or sponsors. There is no right of appeal against a decision made by
the Race Steward, Scrutineer, Coordinator,
lap scorer or any other race official
which has been based on a matter of fact.
3.4.3. Representation to the Steward questioning a declared result must be made by
the licensed driver only on the day of the race concerned in order that lap
sheets, witnesses and / or video evidence may be returned to in order to verify
the result. The Stewards decision is final but appeal procedures may be
employed in cases of doubt.
3.4.4. Protests by a licensed driver regarding the eligibility of a car must be
accompanied by a €200 protest fee and may be made only by a licensed driver
competing at that race meeting. If the protest is upheld the €200 protest fee will
be returned. If the protest fails, the €200 protest fee will be rewarded to the
driver against whose car the protest was made.
3.4.5. The method of lodging a protest at the meeting is as follows: A verbal protest may only be dealt with by the race steward and / or the
and must be delivered on the day of the meeting. The protest
will be arbitrated upon the first available moment in the proceedings. Camso is the final arbiter in matters of protest and appeals, and all parties
shall be bound by the decision. Camso shall have the right to publish, or cause to be published, it’s findings
and / or decision relating to a protest or appeal, stating the names of all
parties concerned which parties shall have no right of recourse against the
publication of such information.
3.5. Infringements of Regulations:
3.5.1. Any competitor found guilty of contravening these Regulations (Sporting or
Technical) may be reported to the Coordinator
or Race Stewards for possible
imposition of a fine, loss of points (see below) or a penalty which may include a
race day ban and exclusion from the meeting or total suspension of the Camso
license and exclusion from the Championship.
3.5.2. Competitors are responsible for the action/s of their team, family and friends
therefore regulation 3.5.1 (above) also applies to any one associated to the
4.1. Introduction:
4.1.1. These rules have been formulated to provide as level and economic racing as
possible. It should be clearly understood that if the following texts do not clearly
state you can do it; you should adopt the principle that you cannot. If in doubt
on any of the above seek the advice of the Series Coordinator.
4.2. Description:
4.2.1. All chassis must be approved by Camso.
Current approved chassis include Howe, Lefthander and Tanner.
To seek approval for another chassis manufacturer, please contact Camso.
4.3. Safety Requirements (Competition Car):
4.3.1. Seats:
The driver seat must be professionally manufactured from aluminum and
include left and right hand side head rests.
4.3.2. Seat Belts:
The minimum size harnesses permitted for use are those of a five anchorage
point type, using a minimum shoulder strap size of 3 inches (2 inch shoulder
strap size is allowed when combined with a HANS device) with a turnbuckle or
cam lock release.
The only anchorage points to be used are those fitted in the chassis by the
licensed chassis constructor. These anchorage points are to be used to retain the
seat belts only.
4.3.3. Window Nets:
A Driver’s window must have a webtype
safety net with latch link release
mechanism. Spring loaded releases are not approved. Net must be secured in
place and centered in the door area, fastened to the upper roll cage horizontal
member when the car is on the track.
It is not permitted to enclose the passenger side window.
4.3.4. Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguishers must be either a plumbed system or a 1kg hand held
extinguisher. The fixings are to be strong enough to resist the rigors of racing.
When using a plumbed in system, the pull cable / button inside the car must be
within easy reach and be operational by the driver.
When using the 1kg hand held extinguisher, this must be within easy reach and
be operational by the driver.
All fire extinguishers must be armed at all times when waiting in the
holding area, on the circuit and in the pit lane.
4.3.5. Fire Walls / Bulkheads:
It is required that the bulkhead between the driver compartment and the engine
bay is sufficient to prevent the passage of flame or liquid. All gaps should be
filled with GRP or fire resistant putty.
It is required that the bulkhead between the fuel cell, oil tank, auxiliaries and
the driver compartment is sufficient to prevent the passage of flame or liquid. All
gaps should be filled with GRP or fire resistant putty.
4.3.6. Circuit Breaker / Electrical CutOff
An electrical isolation switch is required on all competing cars. This must be
fitted between the Negative Earth terminal and the chassis and be capable of
stopping the engine at any time.
On a Late Model car the minimum requirement is to have the externally
operated switch located on the driver’s side of the rear deck panel.
On an ASCAR the minimum requirement is to have an externally operated T pull
cable that operates the switch which must be positioned in the area known as
the quarter glass aperture in the leading edge of the driver’s side (left hand)
4.4. Safety Requirements (Driver):
4.4.1. Fire Proof Clothing:
Fireproof underwear, balaclava, gloves and boots are compulsory.
4.4.2. Helmet and Neck Support System:
Helmets must meet or exceed one of the following standards:
a) FIA88602004
b) Snell SA2005, Snell SA2010
c) SFI Foundation 31.1A, SFI Foundation 31.2A
The European standard helmet may be used in Fiberglass, Carbon or
Tri Composite
form only. NO POLYCARBONATE helmets are allowed.
4.4.3. Visors / Googles:
Shatterproof visors / goggles must be worn at all times whilst on track.
4.4.4. A mandatory neck support system must be worn by all drivers at all times whilst
on track, the system must be one of the following:
a) HANS device
b) Hutchens device
c) D Cell
4.4.5. Race Radios:
A Camso approved raceceiver tuned to the Race Steward and Start Marshall is
Radios will be checked prior to the start of each race. In the event of a radio not
working the driver will have to start ¾ of a lap down.
No other radios are permitted.
4.5. Chassis
4.5.1. Ground Clearance
Minimum clearance from the lowest point of the main chassis structure to the
ground must not be less than 3.5” (90mm) A minimum of 2” (50mm) clearance is required, measured in a vertical plane
between the bottom of the skirt and the ground. Clearance is to be measured with full tank of fuel and driver onboard.
4.5.2. Dimensions Wheelbase (offset
or straight up) must not exceed 105” (2667mm) side to
side maximum tolerance = 13mm. See Drawing #004 Track Width
Late Models must not exceed 77” (1955mm)
SCSA / ASCARS must not exceed 74” (1880mm)
The track width measurement is taken from the lower outer edge of the tire
just in front of the center line of the axle where the tire makes contact with
the ground and just behind the center line of the axle where the tire
makes contact with the ground. These measurements are then added
together and divided by two (2) to obtain the final reading.
4.5.3. All dimensions are measured with driver and can be taken at any time during the
race meeting.
4.6. Bodywork
4.6.1. With the exception of the following, no modifications allowed to external or
internal body panels, chassis or unitary construction: it is prohibited to cut holes
in any panels unless specifically permitted by Camso.
4.6.2. The only body panels allowed in the championship are those built by Five Star or
Craig Philips Enterprises. No Carbon Fiber bodies or body panels are allowed.
4.6.3. The bonnet must have a minimum of four (4) positive locating pins on the
leading edge. Additional locating pins are permitted on the bonnet assembly.
4.6.4. The rear deck panel of body work must be hinged or removable and secured
with quick release pins or fasteners.
4.6.5. A full, standard shape, molded front windshield representing the original
manufacturer’s model must be used. Windshield must be secured to prevent
windshield from popping out under internal pressure. A minimum of two (2)
windshield braces must be in place.
4.6.6. A full, stock dimension shaped rear screen is mandatory and must be held
securely in place. It must also be securely braced internally to prevent bowing or
distortion under racing conditions.
4.6.7. Side window apertures (driver and passenger) must remain as produced. All
quarter panel windows must be fitted in stock window openings. No right hand
side passenger window is allowed and must remain an open aperture at all
4.6.8. The front bumpers / grills must have mesh screen covering the air intake areas.
4.6.9. The front skirt, if fitted, must be in a vertical plane.
A minimum of 50mm clearance is required, measured in a vertical plane
between bottom of skirt and the ground. Clearance to be measured with full tank
of fuel and driver.
4.6.10. Vehicles must be fitted with one interior rear view mirror of either standard
passenger car type, multi panel type or wide vision type. Vehicles should also be
fitted with one driver’s side externally mounted rear view mirror. All mirrors will
need to be approved prior to use.
4.6.12. Roof mounted air vanes are permitted; if fitted they must be symmetrical to the
car’s centre line, maximum width 1066.8mm (42 inches). Two template gaps
4mm wide, 304.8mm (12 inches) and 609.6 (24 inches) measured back from
the leading edge of the roof. Vane height on roof will be 25.4mm (1 inch)
maximum. Rear window strake must be fitted on the left side only 44.45mm
high (1.75 inches) maximum height. See drawing #009
A tolerance of +2mm 0mm
will be applied to the height measurements in this
4.6.13. The underside of the car must not be belly panned of flush paneled. Panels may
not be added from the front bumper to the chassis or from the rear of the
chassis to the rear bumper. No fixed or movable air directing devices are
permitted underneath the car.
4.6.14. No panel may be bonded together to form a one piece front or rear end, nor is it
acceptable to have panels repaired with race tape with the exception of a
temporary repair carried out during a race meeting. It is not permitted to tape
over any panel joints.
4.6.15. The rear spoiler must have a 3mm gap in the center. Spoiler supports are only
allowed to be fitted on the rear face. It is permitted to radius the rear spoilers by
12.5mm. See drawing #008.
4.6.16. Dimensions
Late Model SCSA / ASCAR
Roof Height (min) Drawing #003 47” (1195mm) 51” (1295mm)
Body Width (max) Drawing #004 79.5” (2020mm) 76.5’ (1943mm)
Nose clearance from ground (min) 4” (100mm) 4” (100mm)
Front Skirt clearance from ground
2” (50mm) 2” (50mm)
Rear Spoiler Height (max) 7” (178mm) 7” (178mm)
Rear Spoiler Height (min) 5” (127mm) 5” (127mm)
Rear Spoiler Width (max) 59” (1498mm) 59” (1498mm)
Rear Spoiler Radius (max) 0.5” (12.5mm) 0.5” (12.5mm)
4.7. Engines
4.7.1. Engines are a controlled item; they are formally designated in the following
Late Model Engines
GM Crate Engine 400/400 with NO Alterations Part # 88958604
Existing Engines as listed below are permitted until further notice.
Goodwrench Fast Burn 385 ZZ4 Partial Engine 12561723
Crankshaft 12556307
Pistons 10159436
Rocker Arm Kit 12370839
Cylinder Head 12464298
Inlet Valve 2.00” 12555331
Exhaust Valve 1.55” 12551313
Valve Springs 12551483
Camshaft (Hot Cam) 0.519” 24502586
Inlet Manifold 12366573
Head Gaskets 12557236
SCSA / ASCAR Engines
SCSA Cars and ASCARS must be fitted with GM LS1 engines
4.7.2. The compression ratio on any engine must not exceed 200lbs. Compression
measurements will be taken from any two (2) cylinders per bank (four (4) in
total) and then averaged out to obtain the final reading.
4.7.3. No overboring is allowed without written approval by Camso.
4.7.4. The engine block must be externally identifiable and of the original material
composition. It must remain on the original side of the front and rear
bulkheads and orientated as fitted as standard.
4.7.5. The engine must remain in its original position plus or minus 3mm in the
vertical or horizontal plane. Engine must be located in normal, upright position
with both banks of cylinder bores at an equal angle to the vertical. A tolerance
of +/1
degree is permitted. The measurement is taken when the lower
chassis rails are of an average equal distance from either a designated floor
area or measuring system.
4.8. Ignition / Electrical Systems
4.8.1. Ignition systems for Late Model cars must comprise of the following
Distributor MSD MSD85551
MSD Ignition Pack 6T (0186400)
/ 6AL (0186425)
/ 6A (0186200)
Standard GM HEI Distributor
It is recommended that Late Model type cars use the Bronze Distributor Gear
No other ignition system is permitted without WRITTEN permission.
4.9. Suspension
4.9.1. Shock Absorbers
Only the following shock absorbers may be used.
Late Model Cars
Afco 7” Shock Absorber in Standard Form 1075
Afco 7” Shock Absorber in Standard Form 1074
QA1 7” Shock Absorber in Standard Form 5075
QA1 7” Shock Absorber in Standard Form 5074
The shock absorbers as listed above may be fitted on any corner on the car.
Only one shock absorber may be fitted per corner.
Penske type 7500 series with the following part numbers:
Left Front PS7546SAL
Right Front PS7546SAR
Left Rear PS7548SAL
Right Rear PS7548SAR
The shock absorbers as listed above may only be fitted in their designated
position. Only one shock absorber may be fitted per corner.
4.9.2. Springs / Anti Roll Bars
4.9.3. Springs must be a single piece unit of up to 2 5/8” in diameter, rates and
lengths are free.
4.9.4. The spring must be a replacement to the original unit and fit in the same
manner without any modification whatsoever.
4.9.5. For SCSA and ASCARS only it is permitted to use a flat type spring assister up
to a spring rate weight valve of 5kg to maintain spring caps in position.
4.9.6. Progressive springs are not permitted.
4.9.7. Springs / Shock Absorbers are NOT permitted to be fitted to the trailing arms.
4.9.8. All corners are to be fitted with coil overs. No leaf springs are allowed.
4.9.9. Front anti roll bars are free and optional but must be an “off the shelf item”. It
is not permitted to modify the anti-roll bar to gain a different torsional value. It
must be mounted on the controlled chassis bracket as original design.
Adjustment is only permitted within its original capabilities.
4.9.10. Rear anti roll bars are NOT permitted.
4.9.11. Active systems that control any part of characteristic of the suspension or
steering are not permitted.
4.9.12. Any system or device that enables the ride height or suspension geometry of
the race car to be controlled by the driver or remotely by any other means is
4.10. Transmission
4.10.1. All transmissions must be of an “off the shelf” part.
4.10.2. The clutch must be entirely mechanically / hydraulically operated by foot. The
hydraulic slave cylinder is permitted to be internal or external to the bell
4.10.3. Gearbox
Late Model Gearboxes
Brinn Gearbox fitted with an integral clutch BR70001
Flywheel / Flexplate GM14088765
Gearbox, Flywheel & Clutch 2 / 3 or 4 speed may be permitted subject to
written approval from the promoter / scrutineer.
The bell housing must be made of steel. Typical Part No. 1708653
No magnesium / aluminum bell housings are allowed. The bell housing may be
cut at the bottom for ground clearance.
SCSA / ASCAR Gearboxes
The specified gearbox is the four (4) speed Jerico WC4 with fixed ratios as
listed below:
Gear Ratio
1st 2.07
2nd 1.58
3rd 1.18
4th 1.00
Taking these ratios it will equate to gear sets of:
Main Drive Set 27 / 22
First Gear Set 32 / 19
Second Gear Set 27 / 21
Third Gear Set 24 / 25
Fourth Gear Set 1 to 1
All power train components (bell housing, gearbox, prop shaft,
must be located on the true centerline of the chassis. A tolerance of +/3mm
is permitted.
4.10.4. Prop shafts
The prop shaft manufacturer / supplier is free and must be a one-piece
fitted with a Heavy Duty joint. The prop shaft must be made of steel and be
painted white.
4.10.5. Rear Axle
The axle to be used is free
The rear axle gear ratio is free but must be of an “off the shelf” item.
The final gear ratio for a late model at Warneton must be between 5,04:1 and 5.88:1
The axle ratio for a SCSA / ASCAR is to be decided after developments.
4.11. Brakes
4.11.1. Brake discs / rotors are to manufactured out of steel. Carbon discs are
4.11.2. Brake linings / pads are free and must be an “off the shelf” item. It is
suggested that Hawk pads are used if using the upgraded calipers, see
regulation 4.11.6.
Hawk Part No’s 1741019012E
and / or 17410113K17
4.11.3. Ducting for the purpose of cooling brakes or removing dust is permitted.
4.11.4. A minimum of three (3) wheels must be braked.
4.11.5. In car brake bias valves / adjusters may be fitted.
4.11.6. Brake Discs / Rotors and Calipers
Late Model Brakes Discs
/ Rotors must be steel 11.75”
Only the following calipers may be used
Howe Front 337 Standard
Howe Rear 33658 Standard
Lefthander Front L Wilwood 0061207429L
3.5” bolt
Lefthander Front R Wilwood 0061207429R
3.5’ bolt pattern
A front XL spindle bracket will be required to fit the upgraded calipers. #
Wilwood’s universal front caliper 12011136
may be used as a substitute for
part # 006120
7429L or part # 006120
7429R as listed above.
Front brake discs / rotors vented directional vanes. Size 310 x 32mm
Rear brake discs / rotors vented directional vanes. Size 298 x 32mm
Only the following calipers may be used.
Front Right hand caliper Part No CP5805 250L
Front Left hand caliper Part No CP5805 350L
Front calipers are of six pot design. Configuration piston sizes 1.25 1.375
Rear Right hand caliper Part No CP4751 95OL
Rear Left hand caliper Part No CP4751 85OL
Rear calipers are of four pot design. Configuration piston sizes 1.375 1.375
4.12. Carburetors / Fuel
4.12.1. Only the following type of carburetor may be used on a Late Model racecar.
Bary Grant / Demon 650 CFM 1282010
Bary Grant / Demon 750 CFM 1402010
Bary Grant / Demon 750 CFM 2402015OT
4.12.2. No spacers are permitted to be used between the inlet manifold and
4.12.3. Jetting is free. Metering blocks must remain as standard.
4.12.4. Roadside pump fuel to a maximum of 98 Octane can only be used. Racing
fuels, Octane boosters or any type of additive is NOT permitted.
4.12.5. Air filters are free but must be an “off the shelf” item.
4.13. Wheels
4.13.1. The only permitted wheels to be used are a NASCAR type design.
Diamond Racing Wheel
Aero Wheel
Bassett Wheel
4.13.2. All wheels must not exceed the maximum width of 10” (inches)
4.13.3. All wheels must not exceed the maximum back set of
5” (inches) for Late Models
4.5” (inches) for SCSA and ASCARS
4.13.4. All wheels must be fitted with bolt in valves.
4.13.5. Pop off
air release valves of any type are NOT permitted.
4.13.6. The wheel must be fitted with competition nuts.
4.13.7. No wheel spacer is allowed to be used whatsoever even within the makeup of
the wheel rim centers or the hub assemblies.
4.13.8. Wheels and tires must fit within the confines of the bodywork, for bodywork
dimensions see regulation 4.6.16.
4.14. Steering
4.14.1. Quick release steering wheel hubs are mandatory.
4.14.2. Steering ratio is free.
4.14.3. Power assisted steering may be fitted or removed.
4.15. Tires
4.15.1. Only American Racer EC84
tires may be used.
4.15.2. Universal Motor Sports, American Racer Tire EU, Daniel Bonne, Cocksdorp (Holland) is the Camso official tire supplier and only tires supplied by them can be
used in the championship. Each driver is permitted to use a maximum of 12 new
tires per season for the Late Models and 15 new tires for the Ascars . Each tire shall be marked and it’s serial number be
registered with Camso officials.
4.15.3. Only 4 used tires can be carried forward from the previous season, these tires
need to be nominated and registered with Camso prior to the start of Heat 1 of
the first meeting of the season.
IMPORTANT: Non usual Camso drivers may only use maximum 2 new tires their first appearance; the second time they are racing at Warneton, they can use another new tire.
4.15.4. A split / unrepairable tire may be exchanged if in the scrutineer’s opinion there
was at least 50% life left in the damaged tire.
4.15.5. Use of tire warmers is prohibited.
4.15.6. Softening the tire by using any type of compound is prohibited. The use of any
chemical mixture that is placed in the vicinity or applied to the tire that would
restructure the compound of the tire is also prohibited.
4.15.7. A wet weather tire can eventually be tried at Warneton, to see if they are usable at the Warneton track.
4.16. Silencing
4.16.1. Exhaust systems are free but are subject to promoters noise tests.
4.17. Weights
4.17.1. The minimum weight limits and maximum left side weights are as follows:
Minimum Weight
Late Models 1180kg (2600lbs) with driver
SCSA / ASCARS 1260kg (2777lbs) with driver
Maximum Left Side Weight
Late Models 57%

At the last meeting of the season 2016, several cars have been weighted.
#4 2467lbs
#8 2955lbs
#12 2757lbs
#19 2612lbs
#66 2619lbs
#71 2470lbs
#73 2594lbs
#88 2920lbs
#89 2653lbs
It was agreed that #71 may keep his weight of 2470lbs

4.17.2. Minimum weight and left side weight is the weight of the vehicle after it
completes either a heat or a race and will include fuel and driver in full race
clothing (including helmet). No topping up of fluids is permitted. The competing
car can be weighed at any time.
4.17.3. All ballast weight must be mounted inside the vehicle and be flush with the
bottom of the main frame rails or inboard of main frame rails. No ballast
weight may be attached to the outside of frame rails of the front clip, center
section, or rear clip. No ballast weight may be placed in battery trays. All
ballast weight must be securely attached to the mainframe rail or major cross
member structures with a minimum of grade 8.8 bolts. It is mandatory that all
major ballast weight must be encased in steel tubing; this steel tubing can be
welded or bolted to the main chassis structure as detailed above. All steel
boxed enclosures must be approved by Camso. No lead shot or liquid type
ballast is permitted.
4.17.4. Absolutely no weight transfer devices may be adjusted while the car is
4.17.5. There is no maximum weight limit.
4.17.6. Weight limits may be varied at any time at the discretion of Camso.
4.18. Miscellaneous
4.18.1. Where original materials are unobtainable, local repairs of adequate strength
may be made using modern equivalents. All repairs must be approved by
4.18.2. Nuts, bolts, washers and locking devices are free except for Hollow Fixings
which are NOT permitted.
4.18.3. Vehicles must be fitted with one interior rear view mirror of either standard
passenger car type or multi panel, wide vision types and one driver’s side
externally mounted rear view mirror. Commercial truck type mirrors are not
4.18.4. To allow for scrutineers’ wire seals, every installed engine must have 1.6mm
(1/16in.) holes drilled in at least two adjacent sump bolts and two adjacent
rocker / cam cover bolts.
4.18.5. Engines and Final Gear housings may be sealed at any time by a Camso
appointed scrutineer and only by written permission in advance from Camso
may seals be broken.
4.18.6. Competition numbers as allocated by Camso shall remain as allocated until the
end of the season in question.
4.18.7. All vehicles must display the current Camso issued number and any other
advertising material associated with a series sponsor as required by Camso.
5.1 CAMSO championship: all the races in Warneton
14.05 “the big one” 77 laps
18.06 “ the Camso Cup 60 laps
03.09 “ Budweiser 200”
5.2 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, named “New European Late Models Series”
14.05 Warneton
18.06 Warneton
23.07 Lelystad
03.09 Warneton
17.09 Lelystad
There are 5 trophies for this championship, that will be given at the last meeting at Lelystad.

It was agreed by all the Camso drivers that they will pay 100€ in advance to the Lelystad meeting, to honour their participation. In case they do not go, the 100€ will be lost. In case they go to Lelystad, they will receive their 100€ back. We need a driver (Wim Moonen ?) that collect the money of this arrangement.
Mark “Bulletman” Vantongerloo and Nicolas Carlier will be responsible for the scrutineering. Before each meeting, cars will be weighted and controlled on security.
On each meeting, the winner of the final and 2 other cars at random (drawing) will be controlled. Keith will make a list with all the points that can be controlled at each meeting and each meeting 3 different points of these list will be drawed.
Keith will collect at each meeting 10€ from each driver to give to the scrutineers, to compensate a little bit their travel expenses.
Mark will make a Camso V8 pasport for each car:


TYRES 2016 :






Click here for Camso V8 description


Jean Vasseur, Patrick Vansteenkiste, Vincent Lehouck, Glenn Peetermans, Wim Verloo, Xavier Vandermeersch, Martinus, Tim Vandenbroeck, Kristof Malesys, Gordon Barnes, Paul Sweeney, Wim Moonen. Excused: Keith Whalley.
20.04 Easter WARNETON “The big one 77 laps””
21.04 Easter Monday WARNETON
29.06 WARNETON “Camso Cup 60 laps”
07.09 WARNETON “Budweiser 200”
05.10 WARNETON “the final races”
+ eventually Ipswich, only if Camso is doing race control. Some drivers explained concerns of an Ipswich meeting, as it is far away and a big cost, for only 3 hours racing, with nearly no possibility of practice. An eventual Ipswich race will be decided later.
All the races count for the “CAMSO V8 CHAMPIONSHIP”

Camso and all the drivers want a strict application of the existing rules, as they are the only guarantee to have competitive races, so that nearly every driver has a chance to win and to keep the cost down.
Therefore the drivers agreed the following procedure:
- Keith Whalley will do the pre race scrutineering, especially concerning the safety of the cars.
- Gary Ellis will do the tire control
- A committee of 3 or 4 V8 drivers will do the technical scrutineering of a car, if there is any doubt that the car should be illegal. Camso proposes one driver of every country: Martinus (B), Wim Moonen (Nl), Keith Whalley (UK) and Jean Vasseur (Fr).
Camso stays on the position, that if a driver is cheating in a way, that it makes a substantial advantage (especially engine and softer tires), a FIVE YEAR ban should follow for all the V8 races, organized by Camso.
ONLY the tires, delivered by Vince O’Connor, will be allowed, as it is the only guarantee, that every driver uses the same compound. The tires will have a bar code + 2 supplementary marks, unknown to the drivers, to be sure, that there is no cheating with the tires. The tires will be allocated specifically to a car, so that a team mate cannot pass new tires to his colleague. The tires cost 115€ VAT INCLUDED. The tires can only be obtained through Gary Ellis, which will do the control of the tires.
We start with a maximum of 13 new tires for the whole season. If a nearly new tire has a puncture, and is irreparable, it can be replaced by another new tire. If we see, during the season, that 13 tires are not enough to have safe races, 2 more could be attributed. To avoid that some drivers do only a couple of races during the season and start each meeting with new tires, only 4 new tires will be allowed the first meeting, and than one more new race tire on every race day (Eastern weekend and Lydden Hill are 2 race days). If a driver starts for example at the 4th meeting, he will be allowed to use 4 new tires at that meeting and one new tire, each further meeting, he is doing. A rented car, can use 4 new tires, each time there is a different driver.
All drivers can carry on 4 USED tires from 2013. BEFORE the first meeting, they must be controlled (bar code fixed) by Gary Ellis. If the shore (softness) is different to the new ones, the used tire will not be allowed.
Vincent Lehouck (#66) asked if his 14 year old son, which is an absolute talent in Karting and is racing for the French national team, could race in the Camso V8.
The minimum age for racing at Warneton is normally fully 16 years. On the other hand, we have seen in the USA youngsters from 13 and 14 years racing on even more potent cars (super late models). Therefore it was agreed, that an exception can be made, for exceptionally talented drivers on the following conditions:
- The parents must agree
- The driver must show starter lists and results to prove that the boy is really talented
- He must pass a rookie day and be accepted by the instructors
- All the drivers in the formula of that day must agree.
- He must do different races at Warneton and not only a “one shot” and then go racing elsewhere.
Ketith Whally proposed by email to keep the name “Camso V8” as it has big history now since 10 years and is “THE formula”. Everyone agreed.
Keith Whalley proposed as well to have trophies in the heats. Keith will arrange that with a sponsor.
7° Keith Whalley wanted to built a two seater car for demos etc. He asked if it is allowed to race with that car, if he takes the second seat out. No objections.
8° ASCAR – CAMSO V8: Gary Ellis and Keith Whalley will discuss the possibilities to make the Ascars even more competitive. Proposals will follow later in the year.
9° Finally, Keith Whalley asked if Roland could make, after each meeting, a news letter concerning the last meeting. I will do my best.
We have our 12 regular drivers from this season plus Vincent Lehouck (or his son). Bertrand Zoré (France) confirmed me twice, that he is racing again, next year. There is a possibility that Keith Whalley is completing 2 more cars (two seater included) and Keith proposed to help Paul Bowman to rebuilt his Ascar. That means that we can have maximum 17 cars, and probably will have 14 till 15 cars on regular base. That is an unexpected success. It is clear that drivers from other promotions are allowed to race, as long as their car complies with the Camso rules.
Non Camso drivers must book in by email before the Wednesday evening before a meeting. If they do not, and they still come to race, they can compete, but will have to start, each race, at the back of the field.


CAMSO V8 MESSAGE – 19.10.2013

The last Camso V8 meeting of the season was a very successful one. Nice weather, very disputed races, no damage at all.
Initially 12 cars were booked in. Unfortunately Martinus’ new car (the ex #22 of Anton Gonnissen) was not completely ready and Keith Whalley (#88) had to stay in England with heavy back pain. Luckily, Vincent Lehouck (#66) joined the field at the last moment. Glenn Peetermans, one of the top drivers in the Camso Hot Rods, before he sold his car, started in Wim Verloo’s 189 car and the Frenchman Patrick Vansteenkiste, with no experience of oval racing, but after a one day rookie experience, took the number 4.
On Saturday afternoon, there was a drivers meeting, to discuss about next year and after that, most of the V8 drivers had “a last evening” meal in Ypres at Restaurant Cyper. In my opinion, we were not as well received, as last year. We had to hurry up with the desert, because they wanted to close, and some people were not that happy with their meal. Maybe time to look for another location for next year.
Knowing that he could carry on to next year, 4 used tyres, Kristof Malesys (#2) started with 4 new tyres in the first heat (25 laps). He was very quick and won easily with 150m in advance of Jean Vasseur. Once Jean worked his way through the field, he could not come closer to Kristof. Xavier Vandermeersch finished third and a very competitive Gordon Barnes took the fourth place.
In the second heat (25 laps), Paul Sweeney (#12) had a good start and could take half a lap advantage. Also this time, the package of cars could not come closer and it seemed that, after Keith Whalley in September, another Ascar would win a race. Unfortunately for Paul, about 8 laps before the finish, he was too optimistic (or too exited ??) in turn 4. He went too early on the throttle and spun around. After the restart, Jean Vasseur took the lead and finished before Xavier, which was battling with Wim Verloo (#89) for the second place.
For the final (35 laps), Glenn Peetermans did some changes on the set up of the car and was immediately the man to beat. Kristof Malesys, with old tyres now, was playing in the midfield. Gordon Barnes took a very good start and was still the leader, half way (17 laps). Glenn Peetermans and the others, came closer and finally passed him. The last five laps were very close racing; Xavier tried four laps on the outside of Glenn, to pass him, but could not make it. Two back markers, which stayed in one line, finally decided the race on the last lap. Glenn was closed in and could not go on the outside line, so that Xavier could pass him in the last lap.
Three different winners in the three races; Gordon Barnes who did probably his best races since a long time; Glenn Peetermans which was battling for the first place, for his first Camso V8 race. Everyone had a very good weekend, except maybe Wim Moonen, who was competitive in all the races during around 15 laps, but after that had to slow down, each time with heating problems.
In the next days, I will sent You the minutes of the drivers meeting.
See You on March 30 2014 for the first Camso V8 meeting of next year.




We welcome three new drivers all of which have bought cars. Andrew Knight GB Ex Super-Rod driver so should be able to settle in OK with Late Models. Andrew will be racing with Revolution. Wim Verloo BE experienced mechanic for Hot Rods and ex banger driver he should be able to settle in fine!!!. Wim has bought everybody’s favourite the white #4. Rodger Twikler NL Ex professional Quad bike racer and stunt driver!!!. Roger has bought the brand new blue & silver car, which has yet to do a lap. I can see poor old Roland having to buy new batteries for his radio and sharpen his pencil.

Pit Lane Productions Ltd, in the shape of Andrew Marriott, are in discussions with various TV companies and possible series sponsor’s. With his vast experience and knowledge of the motor sport business we are optimistic that both can be sorted for 2010.

In trying to define and maintain the series as a “Late Model Series” all the cars will be referred to as ”Late Models” no longer Camso or Ascar. Below are the minimum weights for 2010 and the cars are described as Iron Block & Ali Block cars. This is the one of the greatest differences between the cars and the different HP is the reason for the increased weight on “Ali Block Cars”.

The Iron Block cars have had their weight increased and side weight reduced to bring them level with each other and closer to Ali Block cars.

Tyre Rules 2010

Although there are increased meetings this year the American Racer has proved more durable than the Hoosier. So the maximum tyres permitted remains at 12. You may carry forward 4 used tyres from last year. No Hoosier tyres are permitted other than on a one meeting only rental car. No registered driver may run Hoosiers.

Minimum Weights/Max’ Side Weight For 2010

Iron Block Cars……………2470lbs (1110kgs) Max Side Weight 57%
Ali Block Cars……………..2700lbs (1225Kgs) Max Side Weight 58%


We are happy to listen to suggestions to change rules and any ideas for 2010 but please don’t suggest anything that would lead to an increase in costs. The essence of these cars is to keep costs down.

The latest DVD’s received from Pit Lane are being sent out this week, they are Rounds10.11.12 & 13. If you don’t receive them, (bearing in mind the post at this time of year) it will be because I don’t have your address. The probable cause for that will be the lack of a signed contract for 2009! I have some spares if any driver has some missing or faulty, just let me know.

There is a beautiful rumour floating about that Venray (1km Banked Oval) will be open with restricted use during next year 2010 If true we will do our best to have a meeting there or at least a test.

Happy Christmas & New Year

Tony Roots


TWO NEW ELMS DRIVERS FOR 2010:The Dutchman Rodger Tickler bought the complete new grey/bleu car to Tony Roots and the Belgian Wim Verloo the white #4 car.


27th September WARNETON

We had a good field of 16 cars for this the pen-ultimate meeting of the year. Revolution Racing had 4 cars at the meeting with Martin Heath driving the #99.
Although the results don’t show it Martin became more and more competitive during the day. Miguel Gomes had his first outing at Warneton and struggled to follow the white line rules. He sorted that out but the pressure to keep within the rules took away his speed.

Jean Vasseur should have won the first race being almost a length of a straight clear. A broken brake disc dragged him into the wall as he was about to start his last lap handing the win to Gary Ellis. Gary failed to start the second race, picking up a puncture in the warm up laps. Had he stayed on the track and took the Green Flag he would have scored 35pts (16th Place). He didn’t and as a result the points leader is now Xavier VDM by 24 pts with Jean in third place.

Wim Moonen is safe in 4th place but 5th is still being fought over between Kelvin Hassell & Bertrand Zore. (Trophies go to the first 5 in points chart). Bertrand’s drive in the final was fantastic mixing it with Gary and finishing second. This leaves the last meeting to decide 5th place.

The next (and last) meeting of the season is 11th October at Warneton. The first three places are still wide open between Gary, Xavier & Jean with only 36pts separating them.

I won’t ask you all to book in for this meeting as nobody takes any notice anyway.
Next year you will have to book in or suffer a penalty, either sex, money or violence or possibly all three.

The trophy presentation for the ELMS points chart will take place at Camso’s award evening in Antwerp in Jan/Feb.

There is an outside chance the TV may be back at Warneton for the final meeting. Pit Lane Productions are doing what they can to make it possible and I’m trying to follow suit.


Tony Roots


1. You will receive 4 free entry tickets per race car, including the driver.
2. Pits are open all day (They are outside the stadium).
3. Practice for the ELMS cars is at 6pm and lasts 30 minutes. You may come on & off the track as many times as you can within that 30 minutes. No other formula’s will be practicing.
4. The race meeting starts at 6.45pm and a programme will be available on the day.
5. All ELMS drivers will need to sign in. This needs to be done before practice.
6. Radios are compulsory both for practice and racing. Raceceivers Channel 1029 (462.8500).
7. We will try to park together within the pits but that depends on your arrival time. There is no specific area allocated.
8. There will be a drivers meeting as soon as the practice has finished.
9. Once the meeting has finished any driver that wishes to stay the night will be allowed to park inside the stadium on the track and stay there for the night NO LOUD MUSIC! We will be locked in and released on parole in the morning


This is our first meeting on an English oval and we are the guests of Spedeworth Int’ please treat all officials and the facilities with respect.

We cannot race at these tracks if drivers do not give each other room to race. This meeting is hopefully the first of many but if drivers block, the racing will be boring to watch and no doubt the frustration will lead to damage. You MUST NOT move to the outside at any time if you have a car immediately behind you. If you move to the outside it will be assumed by the following driver that you are conceding the inside line.
If we do not follow these basic rules the racing on these tracks will be impossible. This also applies to practice

Roland is again Race Steward, he will not be on the starters rostrum but will be wandering around to where he can better observe drivers behavior. Nowhere on the track is safe to misbehave. You will be warned via radio, if this has no effect you will either be excluded from the race, put to the back in that or the next race or finally castrated.

Good luck to everybody and lets all enjoy ourselves.

IPSWICH 15TH August 1, 2009


1 02 Kurt Dujardyn BE Pontiac Grand Prix
2 07 Jean Vasseur FR Ford Taurus
3 17 Bruce Andrews USA Monte Carlo
4 19 Xavier Vandemeersch. BE Pontiac GP
5 22 Anton Gonnissen BE Monte Carlo
6 34 Winston Graham GB Ford Taurus
7 39 Paul Bowman GB Monte Carlo
8 46 Miguel Gomes PL Monte Carlo
9 48 Shane Bereton GB Monte Carlo
10 66 Vincent Lehouck FR Ford Taurus
11 71 Bertrand Zore FR Ford Taurus
12 73 Wim Moonen NL Monte Carlo
12a 77 Tony Roots GB Pontiac GP
14 88 Keith Whalley GB Monte Carlo
15 95 Gary Ellis GB Dodge Intrepid
16 98 Tony Hurdle GB Monte Carlo
17 99 Lee Maddox GB Monte Carlo
18 222 Jos Jansen BE Dodge Charger


Dear driver,

Looking at some pictures from the last meeting (I will have the DVD from the races, filmed from the tower, only mid august) It seems that a lot of drivers do not know exactly the mean of the white line, especially in the middle of the turns.

I can understand that new drivers are looking for their position on the track and on some occasions „overdrive“ the car, but that very experienced drivers go in the middle of the turns till the white external line is not correct. Everyone with experience on a short oval knows that the quickest line is staying a very long time with the inside wheels ON the internal white line. Going wide in the turns is for most of the time for blocking another driver. And that is not the name of the game.

Having driven myself several years in the Camso V8, I know that this led to frustration and retaliation. And we do not need that in our formula. The less damage we have, the better it is.

I tell you all this, because we are short to go to Ipswich and Hednesford; two tracks which are not ideal for these wide powerfull cars (both tracks are half so wide as Warneton and have few or no banking). That is not a big problem if all drivers keep their line.

In your own interest and to avoid a lot of damage on the cars, we will deal severely with the cars not keeping their line. We will not warn four or five times like in Warneton. If necessary, we will stop the race and put the driver, not holding his line, at the back of the field. It is clear that, as usual, the new drivers will have to start at the back of the field, at least for the first race.

As we will have all the cars on track for practise, all the drivers will have to put their radios; we will check them just before coming on the track or if enough time, when the cars are already on the track.


Two years ago, all the drivers agreed, that you only can cut when you have passed COMPLETELY the car inside.
This year, #07 Jean Vasseur has cut, at least 6 times in front of another car, in different cases with damage on the other car. That must stop.
Therefore, I must give him an official warning. Next time he will be banned for ONE MEETING.

See You at Ipswich; we will be there around 3.00pm

Roland Vandermeersch


12th July Warneton

Welcome to Phillipe Ceulemans, a guest of Kurt Dujardyn who raced for the first time . Phillipe created a stir in the pits with his Lamborgini. He enjoyed his experience racing and will race again on the 6th September. Although he finished at the back in most races, he managed to bring #3 back without a scratch.

Dan boys raced for the first time in a camso car #5 with a third place being his best result of the day. The next meeting he will be back in an ascar honouring a deal he made with Revolution Racing early in the year.

Jos, Kurt’s & Anton’s mechanic Didier performed miracles with the oil sump of #222. It had a bad leak and it was repaired with some magic solution from the Paris-Dakar. I must get some.

Jean Vasseur would be leading the points by 23pts if that wasn’t the exact amount that was deducted as a result of an incident in the 4th race. Camso deducted 5 points from a possible 14 and ELMS followed suit deducting 23pts from a possible 70. As a result both Jean & Xavier VDM share the #1 spot. Xavier took most of the week of to repair the accumulated damage from Lydden and Warneton with mechanical help from Gary & Kelvin.

Gary is following on just 37 points behind. Wim Moonen is still in there with a creditable 4th place. Bertrand is the shock, still maintaining his improved pace to hold 5th spot.

None of the Ascars were able to race at this meeting but are expected in force at Ipswich . It seems I rattled a few feathers with my remark about support only going one way. It was badly worded and did not apply to any driver that has raced so far. Apologies.

The second English meeting takes place on 15th August at Ipswich and so far 17 drivers are booked to race. This will involve a couple of new drivers to ELMS.
I think this is a good time to point out that although there is no White Line at Ipswich the RULE still very much applies. Roland VDM will be Steward of the meeting and will stop races to discipline offenders who are ignoring the rule or the radio warnings. If you have a car which has caught you up and is immediately behind you, you MUST hold an inside or outside line and give the overtaking car room to race ALL round the track. This goes against habits of Hot Rod racing but it makes the racing interesting and drastically reduces damage. Remember it works both ways.

See You All At Ipswich.

Tony Roots

Welcome to newsletter #3

First a welcome to Keith Whalley #88 and Winston Graham #34
(although he raced with #11 on the car for the first meeting)
Keith has bought and spent a lot of time preparing the ex’ Martin Heath ASCAR. Winston has bought Jimmy Bryans car. Winston’s racing was shortened with broken head caskets but for the few laps he did do the car went well.

May 24th saw a hot day and a 60 lap final. Although the drivers complained about how hot it was in the big race I hardly noticed the heat at all. Having said that I had to get into the air conditioned camper once or twice.
Kelvin’s change of number has worked. All of his bad luck has been transferred to Keith Whalley in the #88. Kelvin now # 13 had an incident free meeting and contested the first three places for 95% of the big race.
Having to give way to Wim Moonen in the last couple of laps.
“Tractor” recovered from a visit to the fence on Friday afternoon when the throttle jammed to record consistent finishes. Tony Hurdle was the
first ex-ASCAR to win a race and Keith Whalley #88 spent a frustrating Sunday. In practise on Saturday his car was most certainly “on the pace”
only to suffer blocked fuel lines when in the pit lane for the first (and second) races. He did finish the final but down on power which also affected the handling again due to fuel supply problems.

Xavier VDM & Gary pulled into the pit lane on lap 4 both on fire. Gary’s was down to a broken oil pressure switch squirting oil straight onto the exhaust which side lined him and Xavier’s was a fuel cap not fully locked down. Xavier was able to continue but had to restart from the back and finished 2nd!

The racing was close with a few scratched panels and tyre marks but no serious damage.

Next up is the Lydden/Warneton weekend on 27th/28th June. At the moment 16 cars are booked for Lydden which is promising. It’s hoped that 17/18 should be at Warneton for the Sunday.

I’ll arrange ferries and try to get a bulk deal for the trip from Warneton to Lydden & return on Saturday afternoon/evening. The practise is at 12 am on Saturday with the first race at around 1pm. Three races all of which will be 25 laps.

I’m leaving Gary to organize the Indian meal Friday night in Dover.

The problem of French Commentary has now been solved and I expect to be given dates and times for French Motors TV transmission shortly.
I’ve lost the plot as to who has been given DVD’s. If you haven’t received copies of programmes 1 & 2 from either Andrew or me, then please let me know and I will make sure I get them.

Thanks to everybody for their efforts so far this season.






Winston Graham bought the ex Camso V8 from Jimmy Bryan.

Sam Collins is a well known reporter in the UK

Kelvin Hassell, always unvoluntary involved in an accident, will race now with number 13. More luck ??

National Hot Rodder David Brooks will start now with the #77 Tony Roots car; last meeting, Paul Poulter was very impressive with this car.

Keith Whallet, ex Legends, bought the Ascar from Martin Heath. It will be the first Ascar that will have the specifications for a short oval; specifications given by the car builder, Chas Howe.

There is a chance that Glenn Burtenshaw will also start, but that will be decided on Thursday.

Once again 16 cars on the 3/8 banked oval at Warneton. Note that the following usual Belgian drivers, Kurt Dujardijn and Anton Gonnissen (both in the 24 Hours of the Nurburgring on a Aston Martin) and Kristof Vandekerckhove (family meeting) will not start. That means that in one of the next meetings, we could have 20+ cars.






The Eastern Monday Races of the European Late Models (ex Camso V8) will pass again on Motors TV (ENGLISH EDITION) on

TUESDAY 19.05 at 02h05am and at 03.00pm

WEDNESDAY 20.05 at 10.20pm


You will find the programm on and click TV Guide UK

NEWSLETTER TONY ROOTS - European Late Model Series

Dear All,

Thank you all who drove on the 12/13th April, especially those who did interviews for the TV. I wasn't feeling to well over the weekend so if I was rude to anybody (and I'm sure I was) I apologise.

The TV company said they were extremely impressed with the racing and it was far better than they expected. (No excuse then for not producing a good
Those that were interviewed won't necessarily be shown in the first programmes, they will be used thru' the series.

The racing was good. The ASCAR drivers struggled to find a set-up but all got quicker over the weekend. Both the ASCAR and the rental car drivers need to adapt to the white line racing. I appreciate that it's difficult, I struggled when I first started. But, to have the minimum damage and good racing that people want to watch we have to do it. When the ASCARS get on the pace they will then become the beneficiaries of the rule.Some of the experienced CAMSO drivers weren't on their best behaviour but Roland will be looking out for them the next meeting.
Tony Hurdle drove well within the limits of an ill handling car and has put himself 5th in the points. He does need to learn French if he's going to issue bollockings.
It ended on a sour note for John Steward in the last race of the weekend doing a lot of damage to the front of his car.

A Lydden Hill Oval date has now been finalised. Saturday 27th June, the following day we are also at Warneton! ELMS is having to pay a large entry fee for this meeting and believe it to be a good investment for the reputation of the series.
So, your support for the meeting would be appreciated. I've been told that practise is at 12am then a lunch break and we will be the first race of the afternoon.
We have three races min' 25 laps and if we have a good number of cars the final will be longer. Then it's on the ferry and back to Warneton.

I attach the results and the ELMS points chart showing Gary on top (surprise surprise)but the drive of the day I think was Christoph #77 in my car. He was up with leaders in every race. (Of course in a beautiful car). The next meeting 3rd May Paul Poulter will be in my car. Paul is a very experienced driver having raced Superstox for many years, SHP Pick-Ups at Rockingham and last year 3 meetings in the Craftsman Truck Series in America. He is a very forceful driver and providing he can adapt to the white line rule should be successful.

Ther's only one rental car let out at the moment for the next meeting. If you know of anybody who would be interested please let me know.

Hope to se you all at the next meeting. If you are unable to race for any reason please let me know.


Tony Roots

20th April 09

The European Late Model Series has confirmed its date at Lydden Hill in the UK. Saturday 27th of June will be the date with racing for the European Late Model Series starting around mid-day. The racing will take place on the Lydden oval with three races of 25 laps. Afterwards there will be little time for celebrations or commiserations for the drivers as the European Late Model Series are required to race at Warneton in Belgium the very next morning!

The addition of Lydden makes three UK rounds for the European Late Model Series with a possible fourth still to be announced.

14th April 09

The inaugural European Late Model Series took place over Easter weekend, on 12-13 April 2009, at Warneton International Speedway, Belgium. A strong grid of 18 cars competed on the 3/8 mile banked oval, thrilling the crowds with bumper-to-bumper racing and roaring V8 engines.

On Sunday 12 April, John Steward took pole, with fellow ex-ASCAR drivers Daniel Boys and Tony Hurdle completing the first set of cars on the grid. Steward made a strong start in the #75, leading from former CAMSO V8 driver Gary Ellis, who has rapidly moved through the field from the back of the grid. However, a caution was soon called for the spinning #07 of Frenchman Jean Vasseur in Turn 4.

As the race was restarted, Ellis took advantage of the bunched field and passed Steward, clinging onto the lead until the chequered flag. Belgian Xavier Vandermeersch followed Ellis through for second place, with the #77 Roots V8 Racing car, driven by Christof Vanderkerckhove, claiming third place.

Brit Tony Hurdle took pole for the second race of the weekend. Boys started alongside with Steward behind, followed by guest drivers Franck Liotard and Serge Blanquart. Hurdle held onto the lead for much of the race, whilst Ellis and Vandermeersch made their way through from the back of the field. At the half-way point, Steward spun in Turns 3 and 4, allowing Vandermeersch to take advantage of the restart and secure the lead. Once again, the #95 of Ellis was not far behind, with Vanderkerckhove third, Hurdle fourth and Dutchman Wim Moonen in fifth.

Sunday’s final saw Boys on pole, maintaining a good lead from Hurdle, Steward and Andrews until Ellis spun in Turns 3 and 4. The race went green for two laps before another caution was called for Vasseur who spun on the entry to Turn 3. At the restart, Vasseur, Blanquart and Ellis put the cars three-wide into Turn 1; as Boys took the wide line, Vasseur, Vanderkerckhove, Ellis and Moonen passed down the inside. Vasseur charged into the lead, but could not fend off Ellis, who passed to take his second win of the day.

As the weather continued to warm for Monday’s racing action, Steward took to the front of the grid once again for the first of the day’s European Late Model Series rounds. Andrews had a strong start in his Chevrolet Impala, passing three cars in two laps to put him in fourth place. A caution, which saw the #88 of Brit Kelvin Hassell receive heavy bodywork damage, allowed Andrews to pass Boys and Hurdle for second place. The American then managed to get around Steward, taking the lead and crossing the finishing line in first place.

This season’s Round 4 saw Boys on pole, with Steward quickly claiming the lead and increasing the gap. Hurdle was not far behind, with Moonen in third and Vandermeersch in fourth. Moonen was on the pace, passing the #75 of Hurdle and taking the lead. Vandermeersch followed him through and managed to close down the gap, passing Moonen to secure the top step of the podium.

At the final race of the weekend, Hurdle took the lead, followed by Steward and Boys. A caution was called for the #71 of Bertrand Zore, who spun in Turn 1, allowing Raptor Racing’s Jos Jansen in the #222 to pass around the outside for the lead. Jansen pulled out a gap, but the hard-charging #77 of Vanderkerckhove soon began to close in. Vanderkerckhove just clinched the lead as the yellows were brought out for an incident involving Steward and Anton Gonnissen: Steward was forced into early retirement.

At the restart, Ellis charged through the field to pass the #77, pulling away from Vanderkerckhove. Vandermeersch also increased the pace to pass Jansen for third place. Ellis secured his third win of the season so far, taking him to the top of the drivers’ leader board



Tony Roots has found the funds for the first 4 meetings of the European Late Model Series; the report of 30 minutes will show the races at Warneton and driver interviews.
Roots Racing is looking for more sponsors to cover the remaining 8 races. During the Eastern weekend (races on Sunday and Monday) an English TV Team will come over to Warneton to film the event.

On Eastern, there will probably be 18 cars; on Eastern Monday Camso expect 20 (Kurt Dujardijn and Anton Gonnissen only race on Monday. Finally Tony Roots #77 will not be able to race (too short after an operation); he is looking for another driver on his car.

TYRES 2009

For 2009 we have changed to the American Race Tire Company.

We have no experience of these tires other than the manufacturers guarantee that the compound & wear rate are very similar to the Hoosier 3025 that we have run up to now. The reason for changing was simply a matter of cost. By the time we got the tyre back to Belgium a Hoosier would have been around 155€ compared to the American Race Tire price of max 105€.(Still waiting for last shipping bills)

The tyre rule of 12 tyres per season still remains. This will have to be monitored both for the additional meetings and the actual wear rate we get from the American race tyre. The rule permitting 4 used tyres to be carried forward from last year still applies.

Free Tyres

4 Free tyres will be given to every driver that has to bring his car across the channel in either direction for a minimum of 2 meetings.






Brit Gary Ellis was impressed with the progress made on the former ASCAR: “The ASCAR has all the right parts to make it a fast short track Late Model. The changes we have made this weekend will put all the cars on a level playing field for the first race and is an excellent starting point for drivers to fine tune their cars according to their own driving styles.”

The set-up data from the tests is available to all ASCAR drivers and owners.
Please contact us for more information

Amongst those taking advantage of the pre-season track time were firm stock car favourite Daniel Boys, 2007 CAMSO V8 Champion Jean Vasseur, former ASCAR driver Miguel Gomes, Stock Hatch racer Steve Noble and Rallycross veteran Ray Deacon. The countdown now begins to the European Late Model Series season-opener on 12-13 April 2009 at Warneton International Speedway, Belgium.

The European Late Model Series is open to American Late Model stock cars, and will compete in Belgium and the UK during the 2009 season.

12-13 April 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

03 May 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

24 May 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

28 June 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

12 July 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

15 August 2009
Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich, UK

23 August 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

31 August 2009
Hednesford Hills Raceway, Hednesford, UK

06 September 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

27 September 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

11 October 2009
Warneton International Speedway, Belgium

16th March 2009

The first test session for the European Late Model Series takes place on the 27th and 28th of March. For some this will be their first visit to Warneton International Speedway. Most notable drivers listed to test will be Dan Boys from the American NASCAR Late Model Series, Miguel Gomes from Portugal and 2008 CAMSO V8 Champion Gary Ellis. Sam Collins from Race Car Engineering is expecting to put some laps on the #3 Roots V8 Ford Fusion but may be promoted to the #77 Pontiac usually driven by Tony Roots himself. Revolution racing will be taking its Howe chassis cars over to Belgium for the first time to run a back to back comparison with the Lefthander cars of Roots V8 Racing.

Roots V8 Racing still has places available on the test days for drivers who would like to try out the European Late Model Series please
Contact Tony Roots for further information.

9th March 2009

An all new North American stockcar series is to run in Europe this year. The new oval-based Late Model Series is set to launch in the coming weeks.

The championship is the result of talks between established Belgian stock car promoter CAMSO, Spedeworth International Ltd. and the SCSA V8 Trophy. Open to any North American stock car with a wheelbase of 104-105 inches, the championship will follow performance-equalising guidelines to allow former ASCARs to race alongside CAMSO V8s.

Fourteen rounds are already confirmed; ten will take place in Belgium, with a further four in the UK. Racing will kick-off with a double-header on 12-13 April at Warneton International Speedway, Belgium.

Eighteen cars and drivers have already been confirmed, including British CAMSO V8 driver Kelvin Hassell. “This is an incredible new initiative, and I’m very excited to be a part of it,” said Hassell. “There is a good, solid fan base for American-style stock cars in Europe and the championship is set to be extremely popular. It’s also a really good way to get into the American NASCAR series and ASA, as we use identical cars. “We have the dates, the finance and a strong grid of cars, now we are just waiting to see who else would like to come and take part.”

Teams and drivers entering the championship are set to benefit from free entries and a limited amount of free tyres. Negotiations are also underway for TV coverage in mainland Europe and the UK.


We got an ASCAR and a CAMSO V8 testing back to back at the weekend and we are pleased to announce we can get them both to be competetive WITHOUT taking weight from the ASCAR and WITHOUT adding weight to the CAMSOs! I am chuffed to bits because it means everyone has got less work than they thought. We have a set up now to get the ASCAR drivers started, we may have to cap their revs or find stuff to make the CAMSO cars go faster as the season goes on, but for Easter, we are all set!

Media information: 22 February 2009

An all new North American stockcar series is to run in Europe this year. The new oval-based Late Model Series is set to launch in the coming weeks.

The championship is the result of talks between established Belgian stock car promoter CAMSO, Spedeworth International Ltd. and the SCSA V8 Trophy. Open to any North American stock car with a wheelbase of 104-105 inches, the championship will follow performance-equalising guidelines to allow former ASCARs to race alongside CAMSO V8s.

Fourteen rounds are already confirmed; ten will take place in Belgium, with a further four in the UK. Racing will kick-off with a double-header on 12-13 April at Warneton International Speedway, Belgium.

Eighteen cars and drivers have already been confirmed, including British CAMSO V8 driver Kelvin Hassell. “This is an incredible new initiative, and I’m very excited to be a part of it,” said Hassell. “There is a good, solid fan base for American-style stock cars in Europe and the championship is set to be extremely popular. Its also a really good way to get into the American NASCAR series and ASA, as we use identical cars.

“We have the dates, the finance and a strong grid of cars, now we are just waiting to see who else would like to come and take part.”

Teams and drivers entering the championship are set to benefit from prize money, free entries and a limited amount of free tyres. Negotiations are also underway for TV coverage in mainland Europe and the UK.

Notes to editors

Launch information will be issued in a weeks time along with a full calendar and Team/Driver information

Hi res images available on request

For more information, please contact:

Tony Roots
Tel: +44 (0)786 032 73 97


23rd February 2009

Dear Camso V8 Driver,

In an effort to secure the future of CAMSO V8’s we felt that action needed to be taken to inject new interest in the formula.

Please find attached a press release which has gone out to 12 UK & 8 USA Motorsport publications. By the end of this week an updated press release will go to mainland Europe publications.

The purpose is to attract new drivers, mainly from the now defunct ASCAR series but also open to any American Stock Car with certain

Also attached is a letter directed to drivers laying out the incentives to race at Warneton and on the UK tracks.

This Saturday I will unfortunately be missing from the prize giving as I will be at Ipswich Speedway testing with my V8 and Colin Whites ASCAR. This is the first step in ensuring the cars are equal in performance. Colin is of the opinion that their extra 30-50HP is sufficient to overcome the additional weight they carry of 200kgs. This Saturday’s and March 28th test at Warneton will confirm (or otherwise) this.

Roland VDM & Dean Wood from Spedeworth UK are supporting this incentive and we are hoping for your continued support to make this a success.

Best Regards

Tony Roots
+44 (0)7860 327397


TO THE CAMSO V8 DRIVERS - 26.08.2007


You will find in attachment the program for the top-meeting of September 2nd. We do NOT have races on Saturday, only 2 sessions of 10 minutes practice. IMPORTANT: On Sunday the first race (50 laps) + driver presentation on the red carpet will take place around 10.45am.!!! Be in time. As we have again the Formula 1 Stock Cars, we could eventually have a full house; note that it could take some time before you can reach the track, on Sunday morning.


Tony Roots announced that Vincent Lehouck ( France ), ex Super Prive Car driver, which hired the #66 car at the last meeting, bought the car.


All the Camso V8 cars of the Roots V8 Racing Team will be racing on Sunday; even the 2 new complete new cars. Jos Janssen will once again hire the #4 car; we notice his big progress and much cleaner racing at the last meeting. The FIA GT and Belcar stars Rudy Penders and Franz Lamot will use the 2 new cars. Xavier Vandermeersch will have to stay alongside the race track, as he broke his engine due to over revving ( constantly 7.000rpm in stead of the 6.400rpm allowed)


Thursday a French production house will come to Warneton to see the places where to put cameras. We hope we can finalize (financially) the deal so that next year all the Camso V! races can be televised.


Camso and Roots V8 Racing are discussing to start up a French  V8 series (with all the races at Warneton and with the same cars as the Camso V8) for VIPS and TV stars. This series would race separately to the Camso V8. More news when the contracts are signed.


Next Friday 7 new drivers (6 Frenchmen and 1 Dutch) will do a rookie test.


Wim Peeters (Nl) #9 is banned for one year for much too high speed in the pits after he received a black flag


Roland Vandermeersch




CAMSO V8 NEWS - 07.06.2007

At the meeting of April, we had 2 engines broken, probably due to high revving; the maximum revs for these engines are 6200rpm. Some of the cars are going till 7.000rpm, although the engines are losing power above 5800rpm.

We have in mind to make compulsory a rev limiter (6200 or 6400rpm) and a longer differential ratio. Your opinion.

 Lydden Hill (GB) Saturday 8 September.


Everyone who went over there, the last 3 years, was very enthusiastic about the track and racing (600m long). We think, we has to be minimum 10 to give a good show. At the moment, 7 drivers said to Tony to want to race there: Gary Ellis, Tony Roots, Xavier Vandermeersch , Bruce Andrews , Jean Vasseur, Kelvin Hassell and Chris Roots. If some of the others are interested, please let it know to Tony Roots.

We will try to have a solution for the following points: warm-up laps – length of the races – track cleaning – parking on asphalt. Tony can arrange cheap ferries. Practise is on Saturday around 10.00am (11.00am Belgian time) and the meeting is finished at 6.00pm.


Weekend of July 7 + 8: World Cup Bangers + F1 Stock Cars Continental Championship + Camso V8 Camso Cup 60 laps


The previous years, the World Cup Bangers was the meeting with the second most number of spectators (after the September meeting). This year, the F1 Stock Cars are also coming; they have a big amount of supporters in Holland . So it is possible, if the weather is good, that we will have a full stadium.

We expect to have around 15 Stock Cars F1, maybe 20. In that case, we will once again, have a big problem of parking inside, especially as most of the F1’s are coming with big buses or big lorries.

For that reason, we only have 4 formulas racing: Prive Cars, Camso V8, Bangers and F1.

The F1, which want to be all together, will be parked behind the grandstands and the Prive Cars on the other half of the infield.

That means that each Camso V8 driver can use one “spot” and that supporters, girlfriends or mothers in law will have to park outside. We will rent half of the parking outside.

We have 2 heats for Camso V8 on Saturday and 4 races on Sunday (final over 60 laps).

The Camso V8 race each time after the Prive Cars (the F1 wanted to race after the Camso V8 and I agreed). We will each time clean the track and go around to pick up eventual screws.

TO THE CAMSO V8 DRIVERS - 09.05.2007




The weather forecast at the moment, is that it could rain during the afternoon.

Depending on the weather and the forecast on Sunday morning, it is possible that the first heat will be raced at 10.30am and the second heat shortly after.

It is recommendable to be on the track at 10.00am


See You all




A professional cameraman made a publicity spot on the Camso V8. 
This spot will pass at the French speaking Belgian Television AB3 (only via cable) 3 times
 per race day (13 May – 27 + 28 May – 8 July – 2 September) in “Speed Action”. 
You can see this spot on – identification: camso – mot de passé: pub – click on télécharger

Roland Vandermeersch



TO THE CAMSO V8 DRIVERS  - 01.05.2007


The Days of British Power meeting, on 12 + 13 May, is one of the most important meetings of the year. We expect around 100 English and Irish drivers. The Camso V8 final will be raced over 75 laps "THE BIG ONE" with 2 compulsory yellow flags, to bring the field together.


The driver, which has been lapped once or more laps, will be put in the same lap of the leader, when there is a yellow flag. He will have to start at the end of the field by the restart. This means, that even when a driver is lapped, he can win the race if there is a yellow flag.


As a lot of drivers booked in, we will have to hire a part of the parking outside to put the Lightning Rods and the Baby Grands and also the tents, caravans and campers.

You will surely understand that we need all the possible space for the drivers; it is not possible that spectators/supporters park inside and that drivers have to stay outside. Each driver can use ONE parking spot (trailers can be put in the second pit lane. Cars of friends, mechanics, supporters or girlfriends can NOT park in the infield. When they park on the part of the parking, hired by Camso, a parking fee will have to be paid (5/car/week-end  10 tent/camper/motor home for the week-end). We do not want to make ANY exception on that rule.


Two drivers, which race or have raced in the SCSA  ASCAR series at Rockingham have booked in with the National Hot Rods: Colin White and Malcolm Clein. The photographer "Smiffyman" which was at Rockingham yesterday, e-mailed us that John Steward maybe also would come over.


Kurt Dujardin and Anton Gonnissen will race, on Saturday 12th of May an endurance race on the Nurburgring with an Aston Martin DB 9. Colin White as well, but on another car. They will be at Warneton on Sunday.


Jean Vasseur #07 received a black cross for not keeping his line in the final of the last meeting. He will have to start at the last position for the 2 first heats.


Tony Roots told us that his son, Chris, will drive the #66 car. He will have to start < of a lap behind the last driver as a penalty for an incident with Wim Peeters after the finish flag, 2 years ago.


We know that the toilets are a big problem at Warneton (although still better than on most English tracks), but we have good news. Frans Bevers catering want to put a new cafeteria in container building (like the office at Warneton). Underneath should come new toilets and from the cafeteria (first floor) it should be possible to see the track. Also new toilets should be put in the infield. We hope that will be the case during this season.


A professional cameraman made a publicity spot on the Camso V8. This spot will pass at the French speaking Belgian Television AB3 (only via cable) 3 times per race day (13 May  27 + 28 May  8 July  2 September) in Speed Action. You can see this spot on  identification: camso  mot de passé: pub  click on télecharger


The last race of the season for the championship points will take place on SATURDAY 13th of OCTOBER (first race around 11.30  final around 3.1 5) in stead of Sunday 20th of October, as initially planned and that during the 24 HOURS YPRES RETRO RALLY.




You will find the complete program for the Days of British Power on our site under "special events"


During a "TV session" at the last meeting, the race direction and the drivers went back on the different race incidents, which took place during the Eastern week-end. Everyone agreed that a driver which is passing outside only can change the line, when his car has COMPLETELY (and not "almost" completely) passed the car inside. Also all the drivers agreed that decisions, taken by the race direction, - and it is possible that some will be wrong  must not be discussed afterwards with the race direction.

Roland Vandermeersch






CAMSO V8 NEWS - 22.02.2007


The start of the CAMSO V8 2007 season is just around the corner. On the 8th of April, the banking of Warneton Speedway will again echo to the sound of Europe ’s fastest short track formula.


The 8th of April will see the first CAMSO V8 race of the season supported by the team bangers European championship.


The CAMSO V8 will be competing in two 30 lap heats followed by a 40 lap final.


2006 Champion Gary Ellis in the #95 Dodge will be starting at the back of the grid for heat one with Frenchman Jean Vasseur. Vasseur won the last CAMSO V8 race of 2006, which moves him to the back of the grid with the reigning champion for heat one.


In front of them will be the two Belgium drivers Kurt Dujardin and Xavier Vandermeersch. Vandermeersch is last years CAMSO V8 runner up and will be hoping to go one better this season. Dujardin has returned from the Dakar Rally to take his place on the grid. Third in last seasons CAMSO V8 Championship, the former champ will not be taking prisoners in this opening round. The two Belgium drivers are the favourites for this race but they have a long and distinguished selection of names in the CAMSO V8 pack that they will need to pass if they want to see the chequered flag first.


Tony Roots is the next seeded driver the former Superstock and oval Legend driver is always a former to be reckoned with. Roots will definitely be in the championship hunt.


Anton Gonnissen set some excellent results last season despite not being 100% happy with his car. If work over the close season pays off, Anton could be unstoppable in 2007.


Fast and consistent, Bruce Andrews has won this Championship before simply by keeping his head while all the others were losing theirs. His beautifully prepared Chevrolet could well be a winner on Sunday.


Racing continues on the 9th with three more CAMSO V8 races supported by the ever-popular caravan bangers!


Make your way to Warneton for some top-flight family entertainment and see American stockcars racing on the banking of the fastest short oval in Europe .







Bertrand Zoré (Fr) and Jimmy Bryan (GB) come back next year in the Camso V8. Peter Finnis (GB) had a shoulder operation but is fit again to race and the German Klaus Biester should also be present in 2007.

If everyone is on the startgrid, we could have a full field of 16 cars (the maximum allowed at Warneton).


Roland Vandermeersch



CAMSO V 8 2006 Final


  The final round of the CAMSO V8 Championship was filled with action, excitement, thrilling battles and new drivers, all paving the way to a glorious 2007 season.

  Kelvin Hassell led away from the green flag with newly crowned Lightning Rod Champion Wim Moonen close behind. Tony Roots followed in third with Priv Car Champion Jean Vasseur in fourth but moving up fast. Vasseur was past Roots by lap 2 and quickly dispatched Moonen to 3rd place on lap 3. By lap 7 Vasseur was past Hassell and into the lead. Roots, having fought his way past Moonen, followed him through for second when Hassell had a huge moment in turn 4. Ten laps in and it was Vasseur from Roots, Hassell 3rd with Xavier Vandermeersch battling for the championship in fourth with Wim Peters rounding up the top 5.

  Vandermeersch was the fastest man on the track, quickly passing Hassell and reeling in Roots and Vasseur. Vandermeersch clawed past Roots on the high side of the track and was on Vasseur’s bumper as they entered the final laps of the race. Vandermeersch made a run to the outside but Vasseur held him off for the win. The result meant that Gary Ellis is once again the CAMSO V8 series Champion.


2007 Preview


The 2007 CAMSO V8 season looks to be one of the biggest and the hardest fought of any European series. Firstly, we welcome several new drivers to the series for their first full season of CAMSO V8 stockcars.


Jean Vasseur

  Regular Warenton race fans will recognise Jean from the Priv Car series where he won the 2006 title in his Metro GTi. Jean won the last CAMSO V8 round of 2006, so expect him to be making waves in the coming season.


Wim Moonen

  The ever-popular Wim Mooned has a loyal fan following from his remarkable success in the CAMSO Lightning Rod formula. Rest assured you can expect to see Wim on the top step of the podium several times in 2007.


Andy Bartlett

  Andy is a Formula Superstox driver coming over from the UK to compete in the 2007 CAMSO V8 Championship. Andy will be hoping to replicate his Superstox success in front of the Warneton race fans.


Kelvin Hassell

  Kelvin visited Warneton in 2006 to race his Babygrand. Since then we have been unable to get rid of him. Kelvin is an accomplished racer on both long and short tracks and will be taking over the #88 car.


As well as the championship regulars there are a few wildcards who will definitely be topping the results.


Franz Lamot will be sharing a car throughout the season with Paul Van Thourhout.


Keir Bartlett, who also drove in 2006, will return in 2007.


Boudewijn Snauwarrt, who also raced last season, will be racing at several CAMSO V8 meetings.


And no doubt Rod Birley will re-join the field when the series makes its annual appearance at Lydden in the UK .





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